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Pre-Engineered Buildings

Over 10 Million Square Feet of Metal Buildings

Immel Construction has been a pre-engineered metal building contractor for nearly 60 years, over 25 years partnered with Butler®, providing our clients with building solutions that best fit their needs.


Butler® has over 100 years of successful experience in building projects. Being the world’s leading producer of building solutions, it is ideal for a variety of facilities in the commercial, industrial and municipal industries. Immel Construction is dedicated to delivering the most efficient, cost effective, and appealing solutions to you from retrofits to multi-million dollar complexes. Building with Immel Construction, certified Butler Builder, offers you proven building quality, built-in lifetime savings, and leading design capabilities.

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Click here to see how we utilized the pre-engineered building process on the

Nature's Way manufacturing  facility in Green Bay, WI


Bring Your Vision to Life

When you choose Immel Construction, you are choosing a partner that will create solutions for your project that fit your specific needs, and a pre-engineered building system may be the key to the success of your project. With advanced engineering capabilities and unlimited design possibilities at a price you can afford, our team will help guide you through your project’s journey to a better building experience.

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Click here to check out how a pre-engineered building system benefitted the project for the 

Fleet Farm retail facility in West Bend, WI




Contact Carol Karls, Director of Strategic Growth, at Immel for all  Pre-Construction Services. Connect with Carol