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Pre-Construction Services

If You’re Unsure Where to Start, Start with Immel

Ensure your project begins with the ultimate endgame in mind. Immel’s pre-construction services includes every aspect of your commercial build’s scope. We deliver the insight, expertise, and communication to ensure the project is clearly defined and definitely executable by all parties involved. Before construction begins, we work with our commercial construction clients on the overall analysis, strategy, and feasibility of the project in question. Involving a general contractor like Immel early on in the process helps guide clients through the project from a constructibility viewpoint.

Our process includes:

  • Overall Project Evaluation
  • Site Selection/Analysis
  • Securing Financing and Fund Sourcing
  • Tax Credits
  • Acquiring Necessary Agency Approvals
  • Cost and Budget Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement Management

Our team collaborates with engineers to identify systems and infrastructural details that need specific courses of action. At this point in pre-construction services, architects and other design-focused teams are including to develop a solution and plan for building.



Contact Jamie Blom, Business Development, at Immel for all PreConstruction  Services. Connect with Jamie