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Our Brand is Our People

Built by Employee Owners & Proud Union Workers

Immel is home to very talented and committed individuals who comprise our team, and they are hands down our greatest strength. We’re big believers in well-rounded people making the best employees, so we are advocates for a healthy work life balance and continuing education, professional development, mentoring, community involvement, and volunteering. Immel Construction is no stranger to fun events and outings with our team from holiday contests and games to annual mini golf tournaments that bring our Immel family together.

Our team brings the employee-owner mindset to each and every job, interaction, and task, ensuring the highest quality of work performed. We have spent years crafting our name, reputation, and employees around our mission, vision and values and have instilled our Core Values of Safety, Craftsmanship, Integrity, Community, Transparency, and Reliability into everything we do, on and off the jobsite.