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Central Wisconsin Airport

Mosinee, WI

West Addition and Terminal Renovation

Located in the central region of Wisconsin, CWA provides a safe and convenient environment for commercial air passenger travel, business aviation, air cargo shipments and deliveries, and related business activities.

This 38,000 sq. ft. project consisted of an addition to the west terminal building and remodel of the adjacent portion of the existing building, aimed at increasing operational space, expanding the security check-point, relocating car rentals to their own facility and expanding current parking facilities. The ticket area and counters were enlarged to lower congestion. New, modern materials including wood laminated beams and metals panels, combined with higher ceilings, provide a spacious, brightly lighted feel.

Airport Administrator Tony Yaron said travelers' reactions to the changes have been positive. "It's more spacious, there's more circulation area, and everything makes sense with regard to how the passenger and that passenger's bags are flowing through the system," he said.

One upgrade out of the sight of passengers is a new geothermal system, which Yaron said is estimated to provide 80 percent of the heating and cooling capacity of the entire terminal/concourse complex. The system is designed to last 100 years and is expected to pay for itself in about 23 years.


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Project Details

  • AREA
    16,864 sq. ft. - Basement
    23,784 sq. ft. - First Floor


    14 month construction period

    Central Wisconsin Airport
    Mosinee, WI
    Mead & Hunt
    Green Bay, WI