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Graybar Electric

DePere, WI

This project is a 59,500 square feet office and distribution center for a Fortune 500 distributor of high-quality components, equipment, and materials for the electrical and telecommunications industries.

The building was constructed using tilt-up concrete wall panels, which were cast on site, avoiding unnecessary transportation costs and fuel for delivery. Tilt-up concrete is a two-step process. First, slabs of concrete, which most often comprise load-bearing sections of a building envelope or elevation, were cast horizontally on a concrete slab-on-ground. After the concrete wall panels reached sufficient cure strength, they were then lifted (tilted) with a crane to form the facility walls.

The design and construction of this $3,200,000 project was completed in 7 months.

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Project Details

    GrayBar Electric
    DePere, WI